Catalunan Pequeño Elementary School und Kindergarten

1. Großprojekt der

Privatschule St.Maximin und der Bischöflichen Grundschule St. Paulin


Nach intensiven Gesprächen ist als erstes großes Bauvorhaben

der Bau einer überdachten Bühne

geplant !


Zur momentanen Situation:


Alle Schulveranstaltungen, Feste,

Auszeichnungen, Gottesdienste, Ehrungen,

Vorführungen der Schule und des Kindergartens

finden im freien Gelände, ohne Schutz

vor Regen statt.

Eine überdachte Bühne ist im asiatischen

Schulwesen ein sehr wichtiger

Bestandteil und von großer Bedeutung

im Schulleben !





Die Bühne soll ähnlich wie bei unserem ersten

Bühnenbau in der Barbarona Elem. School

in Angalan/Tugbok gebaut werden.


Und für die Arbeiten sollen möglichst viele der

Eltern der Schulkinder angeworben werden.


So ist dieser Bühnenbau auch eine Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahme

für arme Familien im Umfeld der Schule.



Planungen - Absprachen - Schriftverkehr






Freitag, den  30. September 2011




Hallo Ms. Hazel,


thank you for you writings about the funny / sad because of no stage. And thank you for the pictures !


I spoke about this with my teachers and the other sponsors here in my school. I have shown them the pictures and they also see the need of a stage for your school.


So our plan is to build a stage there in Catalunan Pequeño Elementary School and Kindergarten like we build about 7 years ago there in the Barbarona Elementary School in Angalan Tugbok.


In the attachment I send you some pictures of this stage.


So maybe you can speak to the Barangay Captain and ask for workers in your place who can build such a stage. By this way we can give a chance to local families to get work

and to earn some money – like the way I did there in Angalan before.


very truly yours

Michael Wengenroth




Antwort :

Sonntag, den 02. September 2011



Hello sir michael!


When i read your email, i whispered to myself a prayer of thanks to God and to you and your friends for your generosity to our school.  I relayed the good news immediately to our barangay captain.  He was very thankful also for the goodness you are doing to our children.  He promised to gather people in the barangay to make the construction plan and to build the stage.  I will see him tomorrow to discuss these plans.  then i will give you the update.


God bless you always!










Dienstag 11.Oktober 2011


Dear sir Michael,


Good day sir!


Our barangay captain and parents and teachers were so delighted after hearing the good news that you will provide us with a stage. I showed your letter to our Barangay Captain Albert D. Baguilod and told him about the work to be done.  After two days, he sent me an architect to make the design of our proposed stage.


Attached are the floor plan, left and front view of the stage for your evaluation and approval.  Please tell us your estimated budget for this stage.  Thank you very much.  God bless you.


Another goog news - our congressman visited us during the World Teachers Day program in our school.  He saw the children, parents and teachers running to the classrooms when the heavy rain fell during the program.  We reminded him again of his promise to build a covered court in our school.  He said that the construction of the covered court will start in January 2012.  That will be a great time for our graduating pupils in March to be in the covered court for their graduation program.


God has a good timing.  He showered wonderful blessings to our school, you are one of them.


Truly yours,






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Mittwoch, den 12.Oktober 2011



Dear Ms. Hazel,


thank you for you e-mail and the plan of your school-stage.


And congratulation because of your success by your congressman ! Of course your school need (long time ago) a covered court !!! It is the duty of your politicians to help their schools, to develop so they become improved ! The most important all over the world is EDUCATION !

And I am happy to hear that your congressman “woke up” – and want to do !


Because of the stage :


I am happy and very much proud of my students !


(You must know, it is very very hard to find some money for projects in Asia ! Mostly people in Europe want to help the much needy and very poor people in Africa !)


And my students and the pupils of St.Paulin tried to collect money in very different ways:


-          running – sponsor day (my students from St. Maximin)

-          running – sponsor day (small pupils from the St.

           Paulin Elementary School)

-          selling cakes in different places at different times

-          selling used toys and clothes in different places at

           different times

-          collecting money inside our town (different


-          asking help by parents, relatives and neighbours

-          collecting CENT – COINS in bottles in school, at

            home, in business places

-          the income with the Benefit – Concert and the very

           much work around the this event

-          and very much big and small activities


all => to become some money to help the Catalunan Pequeño School with Kindergarten !!!


And they was very successful !!!


I am very very proud of all these students, pupils, parents and private sponsors not only because of their acitivities - also because of all the long long times they spend for their doings !


So the money they collected and they want to give to you is about:


500,000,- Peso ( half million Peso) !!!!


I am very happy about this and my students and all the different sponsors are very excited to get to know and to see the result off their efforts !



Maybe you can speak now with the barangay captain and write to me at what time you will start with this project.


Greetings to all your students/pupils, to all your teachers especially to the Kindergarten teachers !!


Greetings from my students, my teachers, pupils and teachers from St.Paulin Elementary School , our parents and other sponsors.


And of course greetings from me


Michael Wengenroth




Mittwoch, den 12.Oktober 2011

Dear Sir Michael,


Greetings of happiness and thanksgiving to all of you!

Thank you very much for your reply.  I was really amazed by the goodness and creativity of your students, pupils, teachers, parents and friends.  Actually, upon reading your message, it was a hair-raising experience and I wanted to cry for joy.  


This is the first time that we are going to receive such amount of donation.  


How great you are!

Then, I immediately told our barangay captain about this.  He was also happy and very excited to see our new stage.  I also called up the architect to make the cost estimates of the stage to be sent to you immediately.

Once again, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.  May God bless you more.


Very truly yours,








Freitag, den 14. Oktober 2011



Dear Sir Michael,


Greetings of hope and love for the improvement of education!


We are happy to inform that we have already obtained a copy of the cost estimates of our proposed stage project.  We have attached them here.  


Please check it and if you may, please make your comments, suggestions or enhancements.


Our pupils and barangay officers also sent their thank you letters with this email for all of you as a gift for your kindness.  We hope that you will enjoy reading them.


Thank you very much.  May God bless you more.



Very truly yours,





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( Ortsbürgermeister )


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