Schulgebäude - Neubau "Molopolo" in Kiblawan:

Teil 9: "Maraming salamat po sa lahat" 

( Herzlichen Dank für alles.)











Lehrerin Alma Jay Laput Bantan

04.08.2015 in Facebook

·  Alma Jay Laput Bantan   13:09

Alma Jay Laput Bantan

I am one of the Teachers in MOLOPOLO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. The school that you have donated a classroom.. In behalf of all the teachers, pupils and parents we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for your generosity and kindness.. May you make more children happy with your future endeavors..

·  Alma Jay Laput Bantan   13:10

Alma Jay Laput Bantan

Thank You So Much „smile“-Emoticon

·  Angalan Projekt   13:14

Angalan Projekt

You are welcome. I hope the children, parents and you as teacher will enjoy the new surrounding. And I hope that LEARNING will become better „smile“-Emoticon. Greetings also from my students, parents and all the families who helped and suported this project in Kiblawan. Greetings Michael Wengenroth.


·  Alma Jay Laput Bantan   13:18

Alma Jay Laput Bantan

A much better teaching-learning environment for us. You made it very possible.. No words could ever describe the happiness our children are feeling because of the blessing you've given them.. We'll do our best to support your projects..


Herzlichen Dank an alle Mädchen und Jungen aus St. Maximin und der Grundschule am Dom, Trier.


Ihr habt durch viele sportliche, künstlerische, musikalische und kreative Aktionen

dieses so erfolgreiche und nachhaltige

Projekt ermöglicht.


Danke an die Eltern, Verwandte und Freunde,

die ebenfalls sich für dieses Großprojekt

engagiert haben.


Danke an die beiden Lehrerkollegien und

die Schulleitungen für ihre

erfolgreichen Einsätze.

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